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Help your patients save up to 95% on their prescriptions

Regardless of insurance status, Blink Health grants access to lower prices on over 15,000 medications. Request a free kit of coupon cards to help them save big with Blink Health!

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AcceptedPurchase free online and pick up at over 40,000 pharmacies nationwide, including:

KmartWalmartKrogerRite Aid

Your patients can save up to 95% on over 15,000 medications


How it works

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Set up the stand with savings cards in your office

Place the stand in your exam room, or your clinic's front desk - wherever you and your staff can easily access the savings cards

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Prescribe medications as usual

Treat and prescribe medications as you normally do! With Blink, nothing changes about your usual prescribing workflow.

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Tell your patient about Blink and give them a savings card

Tell your patient to go to BlinkHealth.com and check the Blink Price on their Rx. Many of the most common medications are free with patients’ first purchase discount.

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They purchase on Blink and fill at their pharmacy

Your patients simply purchase their prescription on BlinkHealth.com before picking it up at their pharmacy.


What doctors are saying

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It speaks to the responsibility of those of us in healthcare to inform our patients to let them know what their options are, so that they aren't wasting their hard earned money. - Dr. Jim Gilbert, California


How does Blink affect my prescription process?

It doesn’t! Nothing changes about the way you prescribe medication. Write, call or e-prescribe scripts as usual.

How does Blink work for my patients?

Your patients should check the Blink price of their prescribed medications before picking them up at the pharmacy. If the price is lower than their copay (or if they have no insurance), they should purchase on Blink before going to the pharmacy.

How is Blink different from a discount card?

Unlike cash discount cards that have you price comparison shop around town, Blink Health is the only company that offers one, low price at virtually every pharmacy. The price you see on Blink is the total price you pay.

How does Blink work with insurance or Medicare plans?

Blink is a free, alternative way for your patients to pay for their medications and works regardless of their insurance or Medicare plan. If the Blink Price is lower than their copay, they should pay with Blink.

How are Prior Authorizations managed?

Blink Health works directly with the patient to create prior authorizations. Blink allows patients to authorize any medication, form, dosage or quantity. If the authorization does not match the prescription, Blink will not work at the pharmacy.

Does my patient’s pharmacy accept Blink?

Yes. Over 40,000 pharmacies nationwide accept Blink Health, including most major chain locations in every state: Walmart, Rite Aid, Kroger and many more. Blink is also accepted at almost every independent pharmacy. CVS and Walgreens pharmacies are not in the Blink Health network.

Get a Savings Kit For Your Practice

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Click the button below to have a Provider Kit delivered to your practice. Savings cards within the kit will give you patients $10 off their first prescription filled with Blink.

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