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5 Testimonials That’ll Make You Smile

Who else is as enthusiastic about affordable medications as we are? Our patients!
Erin Sandberg


Erin Sandberg,   

Aug 22, 2019 • 2 min read

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At Blink Health, we get pretty excited about discount prescription medications. Turns out, our patients do, too! Here are five patient testimonials that capture just how good it feels when you can afford your prescriptions.

1. I could have done cartwheels.

I could have done cartwheels. My script was $190 without Blink, with Blink it was only $34… [Can] you believe that?? I couldn’t be any happier. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. — Penny (Facebook)

2. Best freaking thing ever!

Best freaking thing ever! Literally saved me $200 today! Only had to pay $11 for my medication! I’m currently without health [coverage] due to changing jobs. This is a true life-saver and I’ve been telling everyone and their mom about Blink Health! — Evelyn (Android review)

3. And preach it from the mountain tops…

Last month I paid $960 for my meds. With Blink Health I paid $290 for everything. I saved $670 on my medicine this month. …I just can’t express how amazed and happy I am. And I will use Blink forever. And preach it from the mountain tops that Blink Health is unexplainably amazing. — Glenn (Facebook)


I just tried it out and it works! 90% cheaper than my [coverage]! WHAT KIND OF WIZARDRY IS THIS!? Seriously though, how do you do this?? — Sarah (Facebook)

5. Now I can focus on getting better…

This morning I went to get a prescription that my [coverage] didn’t cover and [my pharmacy] wanted over $200… I left there embarrassed, almost in tears knowing I couldn’t afford it. I found out about you guys through a quick Google search and I am so glad I did!!! Somehow you guys brought it back down to $8.49!!!! Plus offered me $10 off my first purchase!!! I didn’t have to pay anything!!! NOTHING!!!! I still can’t believe it. Now I can focus on getting better, not on how I am going to afford my medications. — Shirley (Facebook)

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